Project Name


Short Project Description

The “EvolutaDOK” project relates to the development of an innovative product - a designer outdoor kitchen, using the innovative FiberCONCRETE material. The EvolutaDOK kitchen will consist of prefabricated modules made of a steel skeleton as substructure and thin-walled elements of the innovative FiberCONCRETE material.

Project Objectives

Increase capacity, strengthen competitiveness, and grow a newly established company by developing the innovative EvolutaDOK product and the technology for producing complex, ecologically minimally invasive FiberCONCRETE material.

Expected Project Outcomes

Development of 1 innovative product, protected product name and design, submitted patent application, trained 2 employees.

Total Project Value

186,265.25 EUR


102,394.51 EUR

Project Implementation Period

01.01.2023 – 01.01.2025

Contact for More Information

Kristian Korunić, +385/997986317

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